Computer Lab and Internet Usage

Free Wifi is available.

There is no charge to patrons of the Library for computer or internet use. If a person is not a patron of the Library, a donation towards computer maintenance is requested.

There is a maximum usage time of ½ an hour if the demand for the computers is heavy. We have a regular time limit of 1 hour of computer use per visit but this is also at the discretion of the Library Staff.

People who are just playing games or using the internet for entertainment, must give up their computer to anyone who is doing serious research. This is at the discretion of the Library Staff.

Walk-ins are fully acceptable, although, if a computer is reserved, the current user must give up the computer.

All computer users MUST SIGN IN and MUST SIGN OUT. There is to be NO FOOD OR DRINKS anywhere in the Computer Lab AT ANYTIME.

Computer Lab Rules and Policies:

Any adult who holds a valid library membership may use the computers and access the internet in our computer lab.

We do not charge for computer use for members although we request a donation towards computer maintenance from any non-members who would like to use our computer lab.

Any child 15 years old and under who holds a valid library membership must have an Internet Agreement signed by their parent(s) or legal guardian before accessing the internet in our Library.

Any child who is 9 years old or under who holds a valid library membership, must be accompanied/supervised by an adult or someone who is over 15 who has been designated by parent/guardian, to be responsible for the safety and supervision of said child. This “chaperone” must not be using a computer at the same time and must sit with the said child. The designated “chaperone or supervisor” must be named in writing on the signed Internet Agreement before said child is allowed to access the internet in our Library.

Internet Agreements are available in person from the Library.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PARENTS: We are not responsible, nor can we constantly monitor the websites or contents that your child may be viewing over the internet in our Library. Therefore, once an Internet Agreement is signed by a parent/legal guardian, it is up to the parent to police their child and the content they view over the internet in our Library.

Printing, Photocopying, and Faxing

Printing from the computers is available for a small fee to pay for paper, ink and maintenance.

Photocopying is available as well for a small fee to pay for paper, ink and maintenance.

Local Faxing is available for a small fee. We do not have International faxing available. Long Distance Faxing will be charged accordingly.


Book, VHS, DVD, and Audiobook Loans

The above items are loaned for two week periods. The above items’ loan periods can be renewed/extended for another two weeks if needed by phone (if no answer leave a detailed message), email or in person. The above items cannot be renewed for an extra two weeks if they have been put on reserve for another patron. The above items must be returned in the same condition as they were loaned out in. You cannot borrow the above items on someone else’s library membership card. If any of the above items are lost, stolen or damaged the patron who borrowed the above items must pay for them in full or buy a NEW replacement of the exact same item. Our library does have certain books that are only available to view inside the library and they are not allowed out on loan.

Exterior Book Drop

The Book Drop is located at the front of the building on the right side. It is similar to a Post Office after hours drop box. The Book Drop is for the convenience of our Library Patrons. It allows them to drop their books off at any time on any day. We have experienced vandalism with the drop and so we request that anyone dropping books or other items tie them up in a plastic bag before placing in drop to give the items some protection.

Computer Projector Loan

The projector is loaned out for a maximum of one week. If it is needed longer, the loan period can be extended at the discretion of the library staff. Longer borrowing periods are permitted when the projector has not been reserved for another patron or organization. The projector must be returned in the same condition it was loaned out in. Every attachment, cord, parts and the manual must be returned with the projector. You cannot borrow the projector on someone else’s library membership card. If the projector is lost, stolen, damaged, missing parts, or missing attachments and cords, the patron who borrowed the projector must pay for the projector in full or buy a new replacement of the exact same projector.

Inter-Library Loans (ILLs)

If you are unable to find a certain book you are looking for within our Library’s collection, we can try to order it from another Manitoba Library as a loan for you. You must have a valid Library Membership.

If you prefer to browse other collections in Manitoba Libraries and prefer to order the book online yourself, you may register for the fILL website in our Library. This will require you to have an email address and a valid Library Membership.

eBook Loans (Free Library eBooks)

If you prefer to read your books on your personal device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, eReader, laptop or home computer we can register you for the Manitoba eLibraries website. This will require you to have an email address and a valid Library Membership. All eBook loans from eLM are free.

View Your Library Account Online

Once you have a valid membership with our library, you can access your personal library account online from any computer, laptop or tablet by registering for it in the library. Having access to your account online, allows you to browse our library’s collection, view the books you have on loan, view the due date, view your fines, your past reading history and much more.

If you have an iPhone, you can download the free “Overdrive” app from the App Store to gain access to your online account. You must register with us first to be able to log into the app.

You can also access your account online by clicking on the “MY LIBRARY ACCOUNT” tab/section on this website, and then clicking on the “MY ACCOUNT” link at the top right hand side of the page. To be able to sign in through the OPAC you still must pre-register in the Library.

View Our Library’s Collection Of Books Online

You can view our Library’s collection by going to the “LIBRARY OPAC” tab/section on this website. Just enter your criteria.

Books For Sale

Our Library holds a used book sale from time to time. You can find out about these used book sales in person as we will always advertise within the Library, by phone (if no answer please leave a detailed message and we can call you back), and by email (send us your questions). Please see our Contact Us page for all contact information.

Our Library also tries to help out local Authors by selling their books in our Library. A portion of all proceeds to the Author is given to our Library as a donation. The books that are available will vary so feel free to contact us regarding which books we have at this time. Please see our Contact Us page for all contact information.


Our Library now has a Facebook Page (please click “Like”) and we also have a Personal Facebook Profile which you can add as a friend.


Membership to all residents of Riverdale Municipality. Non resident membership $25.00 per family per year.